HSCTI - Hyper Space Communications and Technologies International

The shortest distance between two points in the universe is a structural link™

Now You Can Harness the Creative Energies of the Universe
and you can use them to transform any drinking water
into pristine living water that is super charged with life energy !!!

and you can have this extremely energetic water right now !!!

FREE Test !!! - Yes !!! We can charge 1 gallon of water for you for free so that you can test its excellent taste !!!  This exciting test will be proof for you that you can transfer the energy of living water into water and food at any distance by simply carrying a transfer disk on you while the water optimizing device is in your home - and you can do this, whether you are just a few blocks away or half around the globe, thousands of miles away !!   Fact is, that because of the special characteristics of life force, negative entropy and transfer at any distance by way of structural links, you can enjoy the full benefit of the amazing power of your AO device even when you are thousannds of miles distant from it.

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Now You Can Begin to Harness the Creative Energies of the Universe !!!

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